Why is that all baby shoes are cute? Why is that all baby shoes are cute?

I don't tend to coo over babies the way lots of women do. I'm just not that terribly interested in them. Cats are far more enterta...

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8:37 AM

Odosketch, and how not to do perspective Odosketch, and how not to do perspective

Odosketch is a very fun little online sketching program. You have to sign up (which takes about fifteen seconds) and then you can save you...

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12:38 AM

The first thing I ever felted. The first thing I ever felted.

While hunting in some drawers for a necklace today, I found the first felted object I ever made a few years ago. It's a little corsage ...

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8:03 AM

Bee's Brilliant Beads Bee's Brilliant Beads

Last Sunday I went to a workshop with the fabulous Bee of Chain Creative . The topic of the day was bead crochet and we learned how to thre...

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12:27 AM

A digital drawing (abandoned) A digital drawing (abandoned)

I have been dabbling with this for ages. It's a tutorial from Corel Painter magazine. It looks nothing like the version in the magazi...

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12:29 AM

A very nice Saturday! A very nice Saturday!

Yesterday I took a break from ebaying and headed out to the Kent countryside, home of Bee from Chain Creative , who taught me to crochet a f...

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4:01 AM

Do I really have to get rid of these? Do I really have to get rid of these?

We are moving house soon. It's a BIG move, as we are leaving the big smoke and heading out to the countryside, and we are leaving our j...

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2:18 AM

Little crochet friends Little crochet friends

Here's some little crochet friends I made for a Craftster swap recently. My partner received today so I can post a photo without worryi...

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6:27 AM

Another one! Another one!

Two postcards in one day, lucky me :) This one is from Juan in Cordoba. I wish I was in Cordoba and this was my little courtyard (and the ...

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4:15 AM

I want a room like this in my house. I want a room like this in my house.

This is a postcard I received from the US. I would kill for a library like this in my house. The staircase reminds me of Harry Potter.

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3:21 AM

Me, age 29 Me, age 29

Here's the little doodle I did yesterday. I don't really look like this, but some days (particularly on birthdays and after a rotte...

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11:37 AM

A postcard from China A postcard from China

This arrived today, all the way from China via Postcrossing . The sender says it's traditional folk line drawings, and in olden days, g...

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10:44 AM

A big pink mess. A big pink mess.

I bought some black drawing paper today and had the bright idea to mix up some pink gouache and see if it looked nice against the black. Wel...

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1:44 PM

Sparkly is always good Sparkly is always good

Ages ago, I bought a bottle of Winsor & Newton iridescent medium. Like so many of my art supplies, it lay around unused till last night...

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11:50 PM

Postcard from a stranger Postcard from a stranger

I joined Postcrossing a while ago. I love receiving postcards, but nobody ever bothers to send them anymore when they go on holiday. Toda...

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10:53 AM

Welcome Harvey! Welcome Harvey!

See the little gnome in the sidebar over to the right? >> That's Harvey. Normally he lives with Michelle but he's doing a to...

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1:37 AM

Honest scrap! Honest scrap!

I was tagged by Michelle from My Life on the XYZ List . The rules are as follows: Link back to the person that sent you the award. See abov...

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9:40 PM

Some actual drawing - finally Some actual drawing - finally

(This one got accidentally trod on!) I was having a complete drawing block. I couldn't think of anything I wanted to draw. So last nig...

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12:18 AM

The reason I haven't done any drawing for a while The reason I haven't done any drawing for a while

My dad will be 74 next Friday and here's his birthday present. Even though they're very simple, they took quite a while to make! B...

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8:03 AM

Wallpapering my iMac Wallpapering my iMac

I was looking at a wallpaper site this morning, because I wish I could wallpaper the bedroom. Unfortunately I can't, because we're ...

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2:43 AM

Unsuccessful photography Unsuccessful photography

You might remember this post from a while ago , where I did a digital drawing of one of the old cameras, an Agfa Silette L, that we've h...

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6:39 AM

Walking the dog Walking the dog

(Or possibly the cat, we still haven't decided what he is.)

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1:03 PM

Insomnia Insomnia

Taking photos of the sunrise at about 5am is something to do when you can't sleep.

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9:30 PM

Stamps - lots of stamps. Stamps - lots of stamps.

I have lots and lots of stamps, and I have some empty frames. I'm going to fill the empty frames with stamps and hang them on the wall,...

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10:17 AM

Felting is fun Felting is fun

I picked up my needles recently and knitted this little bag, and finally got around to felting it and sewing the flower together. The yarn i...

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12:51 PM

A shot from the Werra A shot from the Werra

Update from yesterday's post : Richard got a roll of film back today that he shot with the Werra. Most of the photos weren't great ...

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2:58 PM

I like old cameras I like old cameras

We have an abundance of film cameras. They're somewhat addictive. They can be picked up for next to nothing nowadays and they somehow ...

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2:18 PM

Unravelling week 2: reflections Unravelling week 2: reflections

This was a hard week for me because I hate hate hate being photographed. There are hardly any photos of me after the age of 14 or so, when ...

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12:23 AM

My husband is a hero too. My husband is a hero too.

I made Richard into a hero too! When he grows up, his ambition is to be a mech pilot. (He has watched too many anime films.) I think this ...

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12:42 AM

Super Me! Super Me!

I spotted a link on MyGurumi this morning (a blog I've recently discovered that managed to make me pick up my knitting needles again): T...

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12:33 AM

100 posts!  Let's celebrate with lots of cats! 100 posts! Let's celebrate with lots of cats!

Well I never thought I would have stuck with my blog long enough to make a hundred posts, but here I am! And I still love my little blog. ...

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11:53 AM

Work in progress Work in progress

Not much time for arty stuff or crafty stuff as I've been busy panicking over tonight's exam, but I did decide I wanted some Fashion...

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12:00 AM