Goodies Goodies

Just a quick post - I was sent this skirt from  Threadsence  as part of  Chictopia 's reward system, and after tweaking it from a size l...

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5:52 AM

Green Me Green Me

I've decided, seeing as summer is so hectic, to do a Sunday Catch-Up only every second week. So instead, this is what I was wearing toda...

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10:33 AM

Socks Socks

Can't wait to wear the middle pair with all black.  All from Topshop.  Sian. 

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8:59 AM

Alterations Alterations

When I get tired of the clothes I own, I tend to chop them up. These are the remains of a floral playsuit and fringed dress; now I have a tw...

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1:08 PM

Orange Orange

Exams are finally  over. I wore this out last night to celebrate, but ended up going home early as I was just so tired. I must admit, I hadn...

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5:21 AM

Sunday Catch-Up Sunday Catch-Up

After asking you  whether you'd all prefer a Sunday Inspiration or a Catch-Up post, Catch-Up was the clear victor. So..  - If somehow so...

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7:04 AM

Lace & Wax Lace & Wax

Picked up this gorgeous little (ok, oversized) vintage wax jacket from the post office today, after winning it on Ebay in the very last thre...

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9:53 AM

Boyfriend Boyfriend

There's nothing quite like wearing a man's shirt to make a girl feel lovely.  Two exams left, almost there. So excited for summer.  ...

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11:29 AM

Tuesday Tuesday

Just a default day-off outfit, and of course, the quintessential fashion blogger top-knot, which is actually perfect for study.  I've go...

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9:48 AM

Slouch Slouch

I think the first thing I always look at in an outfit is shape, colour and texture always come later. Shapes like these, loose and boyish, a...

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6:29 AM

Sunday Catch-Up versus Sunday Inspiration Sunday Catch-Up versus Sunday Inspiration

(image via tumblr ) So I can't decided whether I prefer doing Sunday Catch-Ups or Sunday Inspiration posts. I think, considering all of ...

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8:55 AM

Rainy Days Rainy Days

We've started getting that awful weather, where it's raining heavily one moment, and incredibly sunny the next. I've just been p...

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9:52 AM

Hey Cutie Hey Cutie

Sometimes the need to just thrown on a dress and nothing else at all is so overwhelming that you have to do it, even if you have nothing to ...

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3:50 AM

Bateau Bateau

This post is to show you all my new hair more than anything else; it's a much more noticably contrasting ombre. I actually love the resu...

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6:05 AM

Double Check Double Check

Just a quick post, I'm off to my first exam in a few hours. I got so inspired by this  Jak & Jil shot that I decided to DIY it on my...

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2:54 AM