Unsuccessful photography Unsuccessful photography

You might remember this post from a while ago , where I did a digital drawing of one of the old cameras, an Agfa Silette L, that we've h...

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6:39 AM

Walking the dog Walking the dog

(Or possibly the cat, we still haven't decided what he is.)

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1:03 PM

Insomnia Insomnia

Taking photos of the sunrise at about 5am is something to do when you can't sleep.

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9:30 PM

Stamps - lots of stamps. Stamps - lots of stamps.

I have lots and lots of stamps, and I have some empty frames. I'm going to fill the empty frames with stamps and hang them on the wall,...

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10:17 AM

Felting is fun Felting is fun

I picked up my needles recently and knitted this little bag, and finally got around to felting it and sewing the flower together. The yarn i...

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12:51 PM

A shot from the Werra A shot from the Werra

Update from yesterday's post : Richard got a roll of film back today that he shot with the Werra. Most of the photos weren't great ...

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2:58 PM

I like old cameras I like old cameras

We have an abundance of film cameras. They're somewhat addictive. They can be picked up for next to nothing nowadays and they somehow ...

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2:18 PM

Unravelling week 2: reflections Unravelling week 2: reflections

This was a hard week for me because I hate hate hate being photographed. There are hardly any photos of me after the age of 14 or so, when ...

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12:23 AM

My husband is a hero too. My husband is a hero too.

I made Richard into a hero too! When he grows up, his ambition is to be a mech pilot. (He has watched too many anime films.) I think this ...

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12:42 AM

Super Me! Super Me!

I spotted a link on MyGurumi this morning (a blog I've recently discovered that managed to make me pick up my knitting needles again): T...

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12:33 AM

100 posts!  Let's celebrate with lots of cats! 100 posts! Let's celebrate with lots of cats!

Well I never thought I would have stuck with my blog long enough to make a hundred posts, but here I am! And I still love my little blog. ...

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11:53 AM

Work in progress Work in progress

Not much time for arty stuff or crafty stuff as I've been busy panicking over tonight's exam, but I did decide I wanted some Fashion...

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12:00 AM

Feet Feet

Week one of the Unravelling e-course finished today. So far it's great. The writing assignments are very thoughtful. I haven't ac...

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2:30 PM

My exams: two opposing views. My exams: two opposing views.

I hate exams. This is how I feel during exam time. Richard thinks this is how it will all turn out. Nice to know my husband has faith in m...

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11:54 AM

Sleepy catdog Sleepy catdog

Elvis is worn out from chasing The Nothing* round the house all day and is now having a full-on slob across the back of the sofa. I grabbed...

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1:10 PM

EDM #221 and a new footballer EDM #221 and a new footballer

Here's EDM number 221 - draw a handheld game. What else could I draw but my DS Lite? I love this thing. When the DS was first release...

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12:38 PM