(Apologies for looking awfully smug, I tend to pull faces at Frankie when he takes my pictures.) So loads of you actually did send in questi...

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1:08 PM

Layer cake. Layer cake.

The snow is still coming down heavily in Dublin. It's turned to a lovely black slush on a lot of the roads and paths unfortunately. I ma...

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8:52 AM

Frosty Frosty

I actually wore this out on Saturday night. The skirt was originally my snow-leopard costume, which I simply hemmed to this length. I absolu...

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7:42 AM

Snow business. Snow business.

Apparently the snow was absolutely pelting down last night..I missed it all because I was in the Button Factory. But when I finally emerged,...

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9:24 AM

Snow! Snow!

j So it's snowing in Ireland already - Its only November! Its absolutely freezing cold, it came out of nowhere! Lucky for me I got to we...

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8:16 AM

Giant leopard. Giant leopard.

The weather in Dublin has been a bit mental recently. Last night we have snow and a really huge thunderstorm, which is an incredibly rare oc...

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12:28 PM

That Time Of Year Again That Time Of Year Again

j So it's coming up to Christmas, and Brown Thomas have just put up the most beautiful window displays. Alot of Irish people have been b...

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7:36 AM

Hello Hello

  Style verses Fashion.  I heard that someone said that I had no style, but I had nice clothes - and that I follow trends. The funny thing...

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1:20 PM

Wednesday on a Monday. Wednesday on a Monday.

Today's outfit, partly inspired by Wednesday Addams.  There's a great giveaway going on on The Licentiate at the moment, check it ou...

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12:59 PM

Dexter & Sargent Dokes Dexter & Sargent Dokes

I know this has nothing to do with fashion, I just wanted to show off my new amazing pets, my Degus! They're called Dexter & Sargent...

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8:16 AM

Some of the things on my christmas wishlist... Some of the things on my christmas wishlist...

I've been looking EVERYWHERE online for this bird ring! No one seems to be selling it! I want it so bad! And these shoes....are just wow...

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7:29 AM