Grooming. Grooming.

I thought I'd do a little post on the make-up I use most, as it seems to come up quite often.  FACE clockwise from left:  1) Revlon Phot...

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6:52 PM

Disco Pants Disco Pants

Ah! I looove these pants, they're simply the best! Basicly everything I'm wearing today is from American Apparel, but these pants I ...

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9:16 AM

Updates. Updates.

I've had a horrible cold for the past couple of days, so instead of new photos, here's an old(ish) one..wearing that same Topshop sk...

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12:38 PM

Holographics Holographics

I've this dress a good few times since I got it last month, and it never seems to lose the ability to morph into a completely new outfit...

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12:45 PM

(images via I must say I'm in love with Viktor & Rolf's AW 2010 collection. I'm not a huge fan of the military tr...

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6:35 PM

Hand on my heart. Hand on my heart.

Just a quick post showing what I wore out last night. Picked up this skirt in Topshop for a mere €22, and paired it with a simple top and ac...

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11:23 AM

 So i got my hair back! :) It was an absolute disaster! I've had glue in hair extensions twice before, the the removal was always fine, ...

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12:31 PM

Hair Hair

So I got my extensions taken out, and this is my natural hair length. I hate it. I think it would be lovely that length if my hair was thick...

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11:24 AM

Blue Jean Baby Blue Jean Baby

Wearing a denim jacket I found in the children's section of Primark, with a H&M skirt. I adore the way this skirt moves when I walk ...

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9:31 AM

Stellar magazine Stellar magazine

So I'm in the September issue of Stellar Magazine :) I thought I'd just make it all quite casual, the cardigan is from Dorothy Perki...

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6:25 AM

Time Out. Time Out.

Photos from recent and not-so-recent nights out. 1. By Peter Fingleton ( at C U Next Tuesday DIY dress 2. By Patrick Houg...

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5:57 PM

happy feet happy feet

I'm a happy woman today, American Apparel had a 20% discount in store today (in Dublin) because it's been open a year, so got lots o...

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1:31 PM

I love this outfit, I've been looking for something to go with that American Apparel shirt for ages, then I bought those leather shorts ...

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6:55 AM

These are a few of my favourite things These are a few of my favourite things
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6:50 AM

I love this as a summery look. The t-shirt & skirt are from American Apparel (it's like my favorite store!) and the belt is actually...

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3:45 PM

Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2010 Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2010

Easily my favourite pre-fall collection. This reminds me of a Russian princess; the cut of the coats, their collars, and the hood on the thi...

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5:33 AM

Lace Shift Lace Shift

Picked up this lace shift dress (maybe it's meant to be a top..ah, the benefits of being short) in Zara for only €6. It's the kind o...

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9:21 AM