lovehearts lovehearts

Lovely velvety comfort, and horrendously painful shoes balanced each other out quite successfully today. If anyone who owns a pair of these ...

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11:27 AM

Lost time can never be found again. Lost time can never be found again.

I'm trying to make up for not having a blog. So this is from last December. White Rabbit-style late. Jacket - L'Art by River Island ...

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6:13 PM

Spring.. Spring..

..has indeed sprung. But I'm not giving up my vinatgey ice skate-style boots just yet. Shirt - Primark Blouse - Lux Leggings - Topshop B...

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6:04 PM

Baba blog. Baba blog.

I don't know why tonight was the night I finally decided to get off my ass and start a blog, it just was. Possibly my favourite fur coat...

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5:52 PM

Bread, and the awesomeness thereof. Bread, and the awesomeness thereof.

Well I fell off the Thing A Day bandwagon - surprise surprise - but only because my last couple of weeks at work were just too busy and exha...

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1:46 AM