Back in the civilized world. Back in the civilized world.

Having just spend a week in Ireland, I am very glad to have broadband again. It's shocking how much I've come to depend on it, but ...

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1:21 PM

Happy Christmas! Happy Christmas!

We had our early Christmas day this morning and opened presents - as usual I was out of bed at the crack of dawn. I got a set of all the La...

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12:26 PM

Last minute Christmas stuff Last minute Christmas stuff

Today I have been mostly finishing off a few last minute Christmas bits. Here's some Kleenex cozies. One of the star & spotty ones...

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11:34 AM

Where does the time go? Where does the time go?

Has it really been over a week since I last posted? How scary, I can't believe how fast this year has gone and especially the last coup...

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3:51 PM

Writer's block Writer's block

I've got a Portuguese assignment that has to be handed in on Thursday. It's a relatively simple task: write a travel guide of aroun...

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2:03 PM

More birds More birds

Now I don't claim to be getting the hang of it or anything like that, but I am definitely enjoying this watercolour lark. We live besid...

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2:00 PM

Scared of socks! Scared of socks!

I've been dying to learn to knit socks for ages and ages, but something about them frightens me. I can do Fair Isle and lace and have n...

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12:48 PM

Playing with paint Playing with paint

I thought I'd start off the blog with some photos of something I've made that I'm actually good at but everything I'm curren...

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10:12 AM