Now I don't claim to be getting the hang of it or anything like that, but I am definitely enjoying this watercolour lark. We live beside a river and about a mile from here there is a tame grey heron who always hangs around outside one particular house begging for food. He's awesome. So I thought of him and painted a heron. I messed up the legs.

And tonight I painted a kingfisher which is one of my dad's favourites. I had problems with the washes pooling and drying into icky lines but I think that's because I wasn't using watercolour paper, I just painted on a bogstandard sketch pad. I went and bought a load of watercolour paper but even though it was pretty inexpensive as far as watercolour paper goes, I'm strangely reluctant to paint on it and ruin it...

The sock I started the other day is coming along ok. I've done the short row bit for the heel, but now I think it gets a bit more complicated. I'll post a photo when I've done the next step. This is the bit that scares me. It's like when you buy expensive fabric and make that first cut. Except if you mess up your knitting you can frog it and start again, but with fabric if you mess up there is no going back. Scary stuff, crafting.

Oh, and I'm going back to work tomorrow after three weeks off. I can't wait to see everyone but it's going to be a bit weird not watching Top Gear repeats on Dave all day while knitting scarves.


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