We had our early Christmas day this morning and opened presents - as usual I was out of bed at the crack of dawn. I got a set of all the Laurel and Hardy movies which I really wanted but never mentioned to Richard, so he did very well! I also received a gorgeous bag from one of my bosses and some books and Northern Exposure season 1 from my parents in law and some other bits. Very nice! One of the books was from my Amazon wishlist but I'd actually gone out and bought it for myself about a week ago, so I took the receipt and the new book and returned it to Amazon, and used the money to buy myself a box easel that was on sale in Cass Arts, which is a shop where I could easily spend my entire wages in about a minute.

We're leaving for Ireland at about 6am tomorrow, and will be without internet access till the 29th. (How will I cope??) I can't wait to see my family. I just hope the rain isn't as bad as it usually is...

I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas!


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