Halloween Take Two: Snow Leopard Halloween Take Two: Snow Leopard

Going through a bit of a feline phase right now.. Maxi skirt (worn as dress) - Primark Heels - Buffalo

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1:17 PM

Halloween Take One: Aristocat Halloween Take One: Aristocat

Why be a normal cat if you can wear a pearl collar and be an Aristocat? Dress - American Apparel Collar - Vintage Cat ears and tail - Argos

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6:17 AM

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!

So i'm in england at the moment, Just about to go out to a club in London for a haloween fancy dress :D Can you guess what I am? The mos...

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12:28 PM

(images via studded hearts) I wish  my life was like the pictures above, but right now it's just too hectic. I've also managed to ge...

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6:51 PM

Ombré! Ombré!

Ombré (pronounced om-bray!) hair is basically just dark roots with light ends - perfect if you're growing out your hair! There are lots ...

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10:55 AM

Thanks! Thanks!

j This is nice :) thank you to This girl who did these sketches for me! You can check out her blog by clicking on the red lettering :) The...

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4:31 AM

New Clothes - Finally New Clothes - Finally

So I needed to so some retail therapy, so the minute I got a bit of money I went straight into American Apparel to buy those amazing trouser...

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9:22 AM

My Idol. My Idol.

<3<3<3 Natasha Poly cheek bones to DIE for.

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5:20 AM

And this is me. I tried to do a levation photo but it went competly wrong. But ended up with this. Quite like it. I'm actually lying on ...

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5:01 PM

Cosy. Cosy.

Firstly, excuse me for looking so wrecked - combination of late nights and early morning, plus an ever increasing mountain of college work i...

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12:42 PM

She can fly? She can fly?

I had a lovely day today trying out something I havn't done before - Levitation photos! I'm quite happy with how it turned out but I...

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4:59 PM

Danielle Fitzgerald - Stylist Danielle Fitzgerald - Stylist

Credits:  MUA -  Amanda Sharkey   Photographers: David Frain Photography Steve Wall Morris photography Stylist: Danielle Fitzgerald Model:  ...

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8:43 AM