So I needed to so some retail therapy, so the minute I got a bit of money I went straight into American Apparel to buy those amazing trousers I've been dying for for over a month now! Yay!
And I got 15% off, go me :D

The tank top with swallows on it (how adoreable!) is from Topshop, got it on sale, 10euro! And those shoes, well I got those shoes AGES ago in a cheap shoe shop, and by god they painful. First time I wore them they cut my ankle so badly there was blood all down the back of the shoe, I didn't notice til someone pointed it out! ew right?
So I've been wearing them every night with a big thick pair of socks and they are slowly getting there, (wearable) 
I'm very very exited, I'm going to London on Wednesday! I'm going over to see my best friend Alessia, a make up specialist for Chanel, I only ever get to see her once or twice a year so I'm super exited about seeing her again, she is the most amazing person in the world!
Very exited about all the shopping I will be doing too :D
Going to Camden market to hopefully pick up my dream faux fur coat :)
lots of love 


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