Model: me :)

I did a fantastic shoot with a great team last Sunday,  but it wouldn't have been quite as good if I didn't have such a fantastic stylist on board! 
Danielle Fitzgerald is by far, my favourite irish stylist. She has done the styling for many magazines and news papers, working with great photographers/models/MUA's etc, and I was so delighted when she agreed to style this shoot.
She never ceases to amaze me with what she can come up with, she has such fantastic eye for styling and I wish she could be my personal stylist!
here are some more shoots she has styled:

She also helped me out once before when I needed a stylist for a photoshoot I was photographing, here are some of the images:  

And of course, she styled the photoshoot i did with the amazing Lucia O Connor McCarthy Photography a while back, i posted about it before but I'll stick the photos up again!

She really is fantastic and she is one to watch. Please check out her Facebook Stylist fanpage site.
Best of luck to you Danielle, you're great! xxxx


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