Rhythm Machine Rhythm Machine

( Photos and Magazines , Vogue China, Vogue Girl Korea 2006 via  muchlove-anna , Lagerfeld in Vogue UK, my own) Ballet is fascinatingly beau...

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8:58 AM

Miscellaneous. Miscellaneous.

I've been a terrible blogger recently. Outfit posts seemed impossible recently, as since I've finished exams, I've only been wea...

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12:21 PM

Ruffles. Ruffles.

No more exams! Just BBQs and nights out. Dress/Top - Topshop Tights - Primark Shoes - Primark Bow - Topshop

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12:47 PM

Hair. Hair.

I've always and forever been the most indecisive person when it comes to hair colour. It's been far too many colours over the past t...

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11:05 AM

Chanel Resort 2011 Chanel Resort 2011

(images via style.com) My favourites from the collection. I've been lusting after a maxi dress for a while but have yet to find one that...

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3:26 PM

Pink lips and polka-dots. Pink lips and polka-dots.

Summer in Ireland is currently refusing to happen; it's been raining on and off for the past two weeks, and the temperature's been f...

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6:12 AM

Summer Inspiration.. Summer Inspiration..

(Images via lefashion) This is basically what I want to wear all summer - shorts, loose shirts, neat prints and simple makeup. Delish.

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11:53 AM

In keeping with the pastel themes.. In keeping with the pastel themes..

Marie Antoinette would have done very well for herself had she been alive for S/S 2010.

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11:49 AM

Miu Miu A/W 2010 Miu Miu A/W 2010

(Images via Style.com) My picks from the Fall 2010 show. The collar/neckwear trend obviously isn't going away any time soon, and I'm...

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11:54 AM

Flowers on my feet. Flowers on my feet.

Amazing new Topshop sandals. Will not be taking these beauts off all summer.. Cardigan - Primark Shirt - Lux Jeans - Silence + Noise Sandals...

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2:19 PM

Quickie Quickie

On the way home from exams. Almost finished! Blazer - Topshop Striped top - H&M Jeans - Silence + Noise, from Urban Outfitters Bag - Pul...

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6:34 AM

Study Break Study Break

We grabbed our chance to get out for a night on the one evening that wasn't preceding a 9.30am exam. The lovely  Come as Soon as You Hea...

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4:04 PM

Pastels. Pastels.

Carmen's platinum and ruffles is blowing me away..as are pastel colours over bleached hair, a la Chanel's Spring 2010 couture show. ...

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10:54 AM