Elle Fanning doing her hair , her excellent work . She is not afraid of it is very soft , the moment , but in the court of the layers allows you the flexibility to cheer , " brushing mousse and asked ," If she wants more volume . See photo gallery .

Jessica Alba 's hair looks a lot more surprising because few inches undercut . Horizontal and sleek appearance around the face , thicker layer , long hair can sometimes dominate the face, rather than the courts. See photo gallery .

Julianne Hough embrace the waves , beaded retro look on the red carpet or add a little volume . Shot here shows the wave haircut and was a bit flexible, and gives a modern and youthful . The singer seems to start its natural curl texture to a higher level in order to stay in her hair braided for a few hours , and then undo enhance the look "twisted ." This length shows her beautiful hair, and a light side is not surprising that almost everyone 's face . See photo gallery .

Shoulders BOB Kelly Washington looks very healthy. She took him straight and wavy , always looks great . Slightly off-center part , on the length of his right shoulder hit ... View photo studio .

Sarah Jessica Parker blowing her usually straight hair for different events , but we love in our daily life , natural state. Embrace your curls. Bonus: How cute is his little daughter to me? See photo gallery .











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