Me, age 29 Me, age 29

Here's the little doodle I did yesterday. I don't really look like this, but some days (particularly on birthdays and after a rotte...

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11:37 AM

A postcard from China A postcard from China

This arrived today, all the way from China via Postcrossing . The sender says it's traditional folk line drawings, and in olden days, g...

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10:44 AM

A big pink mess. A big pink mess.

I bought some black drawing paper today and had the bright idea to mix up some pink gouache and see if it looked nice against the black. Wel...

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1:44 PM

Sparkly is always good Sparkly is always good

Ages ago, I bought a bottle of Winsor & Newton iridescent medium. Like so many of my art supplies, it lay around unused till last night...

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11:50 PM

Postcard from a stranger Postcard from a stranger

I joined Postcrossing a while ago. I love receiving postcards, but nobody ever bothers to send them anymore when they go on holiday. Toda...

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10:53 AM

Welcome Harvey! Welcome Harvey!

See the little gnome in the sidebar over to the right? >> That's Harvey. Normally he lives with Michelle but he's doing a to...

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1:37 AM

Honest scrap! Honest scrap!

I was tagged by Michelle from My Life on the XYZ List . The rules are as follows: Link back to the person that sent you the award. See abov...

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9:40 PM

Some actual drawing - finally Some actual drawing - finally

(This one got accidentally trod on!) I was having a complete drawing block. I couldn't think of anything I wanted to draw. So last nig...

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12:18 AM

The reason I haven't done any drawing for a while The reason I haven't done any drawing for a while

My dad will be 74 next Friday and here's his birthday present. Even though they're very simple, they took quite a while to make! B...

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8:03 AM

Wallpapering my iMac Wallpapering my iMac

I was looking at a wallpaper site this morning, because I wish I could wallpaper the bedroom. Unfortunately I can't, because we're ...

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2:43 AM