A walk in the park with Coco. A walk in the park with Coco.

At last, I can bear to go out during the day without tights or jeans on. A slightly warmer breeze feels amazing.  Coco is three now, she'...

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10:24 AM

Puppy Love Puppy Love

Had an amazing day in the sun with Frankie, drinking coffee and wandering around Dublin. This 3 foot doggy was the result of our adventures;...

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11:48 AM

to see new photos, come to my new blog! to see new photos, come to my new blog!

www.anouskaproettabrandon.com! More of these photos over there :) xxx

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9:58 AM

Deep Blue Deep Blue

This denim jacket was another thing I picked up in Wild Child recently. I've gone through a few denim jackets in my time, but this might...

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3:18 AM

Makeup. Makeup.

I've gotten a few questions lately about the makeup I wear daily. My routine has changed a lot, I sort of grew out of wearing a lot of m...

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12:03 PM

Sunday Catch-Up Sunday Catch-Up

(Photo by Eimear Fitzmaurice ) This is something I've been meaning to do for a while; as you've probably heard me say, my favourite ...

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9:42 AM

www.anouskaproettabrandon.com www.anouskaproettabrandon.com

  Ronan looking really cute, even though he is a little grumpy since he is sleepy :) We were up watching the UFC last night so we didn'...

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9:24 AM

White Out White Out

I felt like wearing all white or cream today, so this is what I ended up with. I decided, as always, to keep it simple with just a gold ring...

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10:27 AM

NEW BLOG! www.anouskaproettabrandon.com xxx NEW BLOG! www.anouskaproettabrandon.com xxx

Hey guys!!!! So my new blog is finally up and running!! I’m waaaay exited! please check it out here: Anouskas new blog! As you guys can see...

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12:25 PM

Betty Draper Part 2 Betty Draper Part 2

The second of my Mad Men inspired looks.  For people who asked about my hair, it's just curled with a straightener (the trick is to curl...

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8:19 AM

Love Cheap Clothes :) Love Cheap Clothes :)

There is nothing better than finding something beautiful in a charity shop - and for only 4euro :) I got this top in a small charity shop in...

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12:01 PM

Betty Draper Part 1 Betty Draper Part 1

Going through a bit of a Mad Men obsession lately. This blouse was one of the pieces I picked up in Wild Child as part of their kilo sale.  ...

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11:20 AM

In the Wild West In the Wild West

Just a quick shot of what I was wearing to college the other day.  I'd strongly recommend anyone in Dublin checks out Wild Child Origina...

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8:49 AM

Make Up Tutorial! Make Up Tutorial!

Hey guys!! So I've finally make a video make up tutorial, and its so freaking long and in two segments because I did it on my own and ha...

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2:09 PM

Details Details

Loafers and rings both from Primark. Sian. 

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11:44 AM