I've had a lot of questions about the reasons behind the name of this blog. Urban Dictionary defines Blondorexia as being 'a condition where someone has hair dyschromia; the inability to see the true color of their hair. They will often bleach it to the point where it becomes frizzy and breaks off, and still not be satisfied' and 'being so addicted to bleaching your hair that it's almost white, flat, monochromatic, and burnt to a frizzle.' This, up until now, described me perfectly.

Warning: I would not read this post if you are not interested in A) hair or B) rants.

Here's a little hair history so you can see how my blonde addiction began..

This is my completely natural hair colour, no dye at all..not even highlights, those little babies are all natural! This is baby me..I'm about 15 here I think. I had dyed my hair red with one of those wash-in wash-out things when I was 12 o 13, but that was all previous to this. 

Then the highlights started..I had about three rounds of these until I got all annoyed about paying €200 every time I wanted my roots done. My ends also got pretty disgustingly dry and tangly. (This, by the way, is my dream hair and I want it back very, very badly.) I was about 16 in this one. 

Due to the dry ends, and the beginning of my constant urges to change my hair style, I chopped it all off when I was 17. I also turned to box dyes, which I believe was the start or my blondorexia. The tempation to buy one shade lighter each time was too strong to resist, and this lead to my first major hair mistake...

Yep, I thought box dye could make one's hair platinum. Oh how wrong I was. Not only did I end up with this hideous orange shade, I also obliterated the ends of my hair. A trip to the hairdressers the very next morning began what was to be a long, long addiction to hair bleach.

This time I really chopped it all off, and had it bleached to a whitish platinum. I kept it this way for a good few months, but unfortunately decided to do my roots myself, and being inexperienced, my hair started to snap off due to overlapping the bleach too much. So I went on a little rehab, and left it alone for a few more months..the roots, as you can imagine, were horrendous. 

Deciding I wanted to grow it out, I went for a dark brown thinking this would aid the process, but my blondorexia was definitely going to prevent that from happening...I kept the brunette for less than two months before bleaching it back to blonde, getting it gradually lighter and lighter until it was platinum again. 

This cycle of bleaching it to the point of destruction, dying it darker to make it healthier then bleaching it all over again happened more times than I'd care to mention. 

But I've finally had enough. I'm sick of my hair snapping when I wash it, of having little blonde hairs all over my shoulders, of having to do roots every month, and of forking out too much money just to destroy my hair. So I'm finally done; I'm going natural and growing it all out. 

Moral of the story? Don't ever, ever, bleach your hair. 


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