I had such a fantastic day yesterday. Lucia and myself went to Phoenix park yesterday and we did a photographer - photographer collaboration :)
We brought lots of clothes and found a nice spot to take photos in! these are some I took of her, she is such a beauty, I don't know why she isn't infront of the camera more! you can see her facebook photography fanpage here and her flickr stream here! :)
Below are some photos she took of me :)

She is an amazing gifted photographer and is doing so well and I'm really proud of her, and so happy I met her. If it wasn't for photography we wouldn't have known each other!
You can see LOADS more photos of Lucia and I on my facebook photography page so check em out ;)

And this is just a quick snap I took of both of us :)
It really was a wonderful day!
Hope you guys like the photos :)
lots and lots of love


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