Today I have been mostly finishing off a few last minute Christmas bits. Here's some Kleenex cozies. One of the star & spotty ones will be going to a Cath Kidston-loving friend - Cath Kidston has lots of stuff with a similar star print and polka dots. The boring brown check one is for my dad, and one of the brown ones with the little flowers is for my mum. That fabric is from Liberty and I LOVE it. It's gorgeous to sew with. I want to make a few purses with it too but I'm trying to find orange zips to match the flowers in the print.

That Matryoshka print is my favourite fabric at the moment, but I only have a fat quarter so I'm using it sparingly! In fact I'm so stingy with it that I didn't even cut off the selvedge for this tissue holder.

Next here are some crochet snowflakes for my mum. I found some crochet cotton in Lidl that had silver lurex thread running through it and immediately thought of snowflakes. It was about £5 for a huge ball that will make about a million snowflakes and is nice to work with, although I'm not used to using such a tiny hook (1.5mm).

I wanted to starch them to make them nice and stiff for hanging on the tree, but I didn't have any starch so I boiled some rice and used the water from that - it worked a treat. About 100g of rice and a kettle full of water, boiled for about 20 mins, gave me more than enough liquid to starch these and bottle a load of it for another time. The pattern is from the Lion Brand website - HERE - and is very easy. You might be able to see the sparkle a bit better in this photo, but I couldn't seem to get a decent picture of it.

Finally here are some bottle cap pincushions that I made a while ago, but keep forgetting to post. I love these things, they're so handy and they make lovely little "extra" presents for people.

As we're going away early on Monday, tomorrow morning we're having a "Christmas morning" and opening the presents! Well, the presents that are here anyway. Lots of mine will be in Ireland and Richard's got money from his parents so not a lot to open for him really. I've never really grown out of the whole Christmas morning excitement, so I can't wait!


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