So i got my hair back! :)
It was an absolute disaster! I've had glue in hair extensions twice before, the the removal was always fine, but this time, was totally different.
I got the extensions put in by my college friend's sister for the second time, but first had to get the old ones out.
I went to her house and she melted the glue and took  out the hair, but there was still loads of little bits of glue stuck, so she told me acetone on a cotton bud would get it right now, which I've seen it done before and it does work!
But I went home, got the acetone and it didn't work. The hair is meant to slide out, but i soaked the glue in it and tried to pull and pick them out, ended up losing ALOT of hair, clumps!
So at that point I stopped trying myself and texted her, she said it was very odd that they wouldn't come out.
So I bought the new hair (from Hairspray - spanish hair) and went over to get them put it once the glue was gone.
That glue was bloody tough!
She spent three and a half hours taking out the (tiny) bits of glue still in my hair, and THEN took another two hours to put the new hair in, and she doesn't charge very much at all, only 40euro to take them out and 70euro to put them back in but since it took from 11am - 5pm I wanted to give her more money, I wanted to give her 90euro for all her effort, also she does it so cheap compared to salons, and when it came to me taking money out of my account I only had fifty! So i'm broke, and mortifed! I'm just happy she was sound enough to understand and I'm gonna give her the money back asap, but that was a long stressful day, and she was the one on her feet all day doing all the hard work, I have SO much respect for hairdressers now!
The things we go though to look/feel pretty!


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