It feels a bit weird posting this considering the tragedy occurring in London right now, but in sad situations, life must go on I suppose. After a few very tense hours last night, I've found out that everyone I know living in London, including my father, is ok. I hope tonight the rioters can have the sense and find it in their hearts to stop ruining their neighbourhoods and harming those around them in ways that can't even be comprehended yet, and that the government and the police will handle this fairly and calmly sort shit out. If you are in London now, stay safe, and take care of each other. I'd recommend Vice's live blogging for updates. 

I wore this to see Harry Potter and do some shopping with Frankie yesterday. The former was a disappointment, the latter certainly was not. 

Lace bolero (pinned closed) - River Island
Shirt (underneath) - American Apparel
Pants - Zara
Loafers and satchel - Primark
Cardigan (in hand) - Topman
Nails - Essence 'Space Queen'

EDIT: I've gotten so many emails and comments about the DIY skull t-shirt below that I've decided to start designing, making and selling them. I'm putting this plan into action very soon, so stay tuned!

Stay safe. 



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