Despite it's simplicity, I'm in love with this outfit. The knit dress is actually an XL tee from Topman, but to me it's the most perfectly light, oversized dress. The shoes were a last minute find in Primark for €5; they're very comfortable, incredibly well made, and very neat-looking on the foot. 

I'd probably wear this every day if it was socially acceptable. 

Knit dress/tee - Topman
Brogues, ankle socks, satchel - Primark

Just a little update! I've been getting a few requests for posts lately - I don't want to do makeup posts simply because I'm not all that interested in them, but I might make a little FAQ section with what I use, including hair products. It seems to be the question I get in emails most! 
As for doing a tutorial on the skull tee, I'm pretty sure I'm going to start making and selling them, so I'll let you all know how that's coming along. I'm definitely not doing a video any time soon for the person who asked, it's too cringey! But I might do a 'contents of my college bag', or a 'my wardrobe' post cos they seem popular amongst readers too!

Thank you all so much for the input, keep it coming! It makes me so happy whenever I get a message or comment from a reader.  There's a little contact section on the left if you want to find me :)



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