My lovely workmate Jacky lost one of her cats to cancer a couple of months ago. On Friday, she came home from work to find that her other cat, a 16 year old Persian so obviously no spring chicken, had collapsed and was struggling to breathe. She rushed him off to the emergency vet only to find that his kidneys had failed and he had to be put to sleep. Poor Jacky was devastated. The cat who had been with her since he was a tiny kitten and it was him she cuddled up to during a horrible marriage breakup, so it's not surprising really. Anyway, I wanted to cheer her up a bit so I thought I'd crochet her something. Not a cat, because that might make her too sad, so instead I remembered that she loves going on holiday to India and made her an elephant. This little fella is tiny - less than 3", and as yet has no name. He was loved by his new owner, which is just as well because I found it quite hard to part with him!

I also did an EDM challenge today (number 185 - draw a cat). On my desk is a tiny cat calendar and during a very long and very dull task this afternoon at work I had to take a break before my head exploded. So I did a very very quick sketch of today's cat, using the first pen that came to my hand (a cheap ballpoint) and the back of some scrap paper. Here he is along with the calendar page.


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