I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. No, I'm still here, and I've been busy, but annoyingly almost all of what I've been up to is for the European Swap Fest on Craftster, and I daren't post photos of any of it in case my partner sees. I'm really having to stop myself though, because I love the stuff I've made and have put lots of thought and effort into it, so she better like it! And I'm taking photos of everything so I can post it once she receives.

We were snowed in today. Well, not snowed in exactly, but unable to get to work because if a snowflake falls on a railway track in London, the whole city grinds to a halt. But everything looks so pretty in the snow, and it was the heaviest snow in London for 17 years so it was quite impressive. Here's the view from our window.

Snow is quite difficult to photograph at the best of times, but when you're hanging out of a first floor window and holding an SLR in one hand trying not to drop it, and hanging onto the window with the other hand so the wind doesn't whip it out away and smash it against the wall, it becomes even harder!

What else have I made that's not swap-related... well I made some sweeties. Beijinhos de coco are typical Brazilian goodies, and there are various recipes, but I used this one that was posted on Craftster because it didn't call for eggs as many of them do. These things are gorgeous, super easy and very moreish.

Then yesterday I was trying out ideas for the swap and got it into my head that my partner might like a pincushion. I have a book, Pretty Little Patchwork, that's full of really pretty things but I'd never tried out any of the patterns, so I thought I'd try out a lovely patchwork pincushion pattern from the book. The instructions weren't working out in my head, so I cut out some scrap fabric that didn't even slightly match or go together, and sewed the thing together, and it turned into the ugliest, most hideous and nasty pincushion that has ever been created. Seriously, look at this. Ewugh.

The button was a last minute addition to see if it made it any less ugly. It didn't. I can't believe I'm posting this thing on the internet! I'm going to cut it up and reclaim the stuffing to use on something that isn't horrible.

Finally today I got it into my head that an apple with a face would be really cute, so I dug out some acrylic yarn and a crochet hook and whipped this little thing up during an episode of CSI. Can you spot which apple isn't edible?

I love it! I'm going to do another in green to be a little friend for him, and they can decorate my kitchen. I might write up a pattern, if I thought anyone would want to make one.


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