Just for a change, I put away the D80 and put a roll of film in an Agfa Silette L that has been in our loft for years. I'm not even sure where it came from. The focus ring was completely stuck and wouldn't move, but a blast of hot air from a hairdryer sorted that out! The shutter sticks on B and 30, but at 60 and 125 it's fine. I had a wander around taking photos of random things, but I can't post any of the photos here because they haven't been developed yet! Remember that - having to wait on the film to be developed before you could see the photos? Sometimes I think it was more exciting in those days... Apparently this camera went on sale around 1956, and I think it looks very cool.

So since I have no photos to post, I drew this with my graphics tablet and Photoshop. I'm still learning but it's huge fun.


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