No, not from me (I'm the last person to be giving watercolour tips when I barely know one end of the brush from another) but some that I have bookmarked that I thought might be interesting and helpful to other people. If you know if a good site with tutorials or lessons, leave a comment or email me and I'll add it to the list.

  1. Frank Clarke at Simply Painting - the lovely Irish man who started me off with watercolours. He has some good free lessons on his site that teach you how to do an easy but lovely painting from start to finish.

  2. Bob Davies' Watercolour Secrets - he has an eight DVD course (which is very high on my list of things to try and justify forking out for), but also offers some free video lessons that are really excellent. You have to sign up and have the links emailed to you, but you don't get any spam emails and it's definitely worth it.

  3. Cathy Johnson - a lovely lady, and her site is absolutely full of very useful tips and tutorials and interesting stuff.

  4. - lots and lots of step by step tutorials that you can print out if you like. Everything from how to do a simple flat wash to a step by step painting of a lighthouse.

  5. Terry Harrison - just the one lesson from the author of one of my favourite watercolour books, but it's a good one - a step by step lesson on painting a country style scene.

  6. Mary Ann Boysen - I've just discovered this site. Lots of free lessons.

  7. Susie Short - tutorials including a nice one on painting trees.

  8. - the site for Watercolor Artist and other magazines; there are lots of downloadable tutorials and interesting articles.


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