We're finally getting some warmth and sun again, which was definitely a good opportunity to pair this skirt with a crisp white shirt. Although, the sky is now being quickly covered with huge grey clouds, so I may have spoken too soon. 

I'm starting to plan my festival wardrobe for Castlepalooza next weekend too. It's a good one, because wellies are not a requirement at all! I'm sure I can prepare a post on festival tips and tricks I've learnt over the past three years.

Back with another outfit post (hopefully) tomorrow. 

Shirt, skirt - American Apparel
Flats - Deena and Ozzy

ps. I promise outfit posts will not consist solely of American Apparel clothing from now on; I'm currently confined to their clothing as I'm in work most days! Thankfully, their stuff is gorgeous and I love wearing it, but I promise I have plenty of exciting other things to show you too. 

pps. I don't appreciate bloggers who email other bloggers asking them to follow. If people like your blog, they will follow it. Emails will just annoy most people. I've gotten about three per day for the last week, both through Avant Style and on Lookbook, so please..if you're reading and about to email me asking for a follow, don't. Leave a comment, even say check out my blog..I'll be glad to!



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