It is so hot and sunny in Dublin today. I spent about an hour in the garden this morning, and already have tan lines. I'm super happy to finally join every single other fashion blogger out there in complaining that it's too hot to wear proper clothes.

This little tribal hair tie was bought in Topshop alongside my new rings and bracelets. I was all over the tribal trend a few months ago, but then when it exploded all over high street shops, as trends tend to do, I got a little sick of it. This seems like a nice way to incorporate a touch of it into an outfit without it being the focus.

This is also a perfect example of the makeup I wear, for those who have asked me. A light foundation, concealer, mascara, white eyeliner and bronzer are my staples.

Hope everyone's making the most of the sun, I'm going back out to try to even up my tan lines now!

Lace dress - Primark
Tribal hair tie - Topshop



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